Why Exhibit?

The Rand Show’s audience is a wide-ranging one. No other marketing platform in South Africa provides opportunity to reach as large an audience (over 200 000 visitors annually) over such a short timespan at one venue. Reach all of your target markets at once: women, men, young, old, and all cultural groups. The single unifying factor is that 72% of the audience is made up of families with children and that 93% of visitors in 2017 indicated they will be returning in 2018.


What better way to test market reaction to new products and services and really find out what consumers think. Take pre-orders or even sell small production runs. You are testing in a real environment with real consumers. This is a lot less risky than any other marketing platform.


What better way to test your start-up? For little more than an average initiating marketing campaign, you are immediately reducing your long-term risk and getting huge exposure.


The Rand Show is one of very few expos that allows you, and has the logistics enabled to actually sell product off your stand. No print ads, no mark downs just a captive audience of 200 000 feet in a festival, holiday mood expecting to spend.


With the right pre show strategy and the right staff you are able to build an invaluable data base that no other medium will give you. With the right strategy you could secure a years worth of business in 10 days (we can assist you with a watertight strategy).

When last did you physically engage with your customers?

In this digital era we get caught up in digital interaction and marketing and very few companies even speak to their customers on the telephone anymore? You may just find that the customer you are targeting has actually changed over the past few years, but how will you know if you don’t interact with them? This expo will give you a realistic platform to engage face-to-face with a large sample of the South African market. A platform NO other marketing spend will give you.

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