Fight or Flight at HWA’s wrestling matches at the Rand Show

When the Honours Wrestling Association (HWA) heard the Afrikaans term “local is lekker” they took it literally. They will be going on tour around South Africa, with the first show of the tour starting at the 2018 Rand Show.

HWA is the future of South African wrestling, building local wrestlers and future legends. Entertaining a diverse crowd from all walks of life they will be hosting eight shows at the highly anticipated Rand Show 2018, bringing the best wrestlers from all over the country to compete against each other in the square circle ring.

Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) Icon Danie “Pittbull” Van Heerden will take on wrestling Icon Steve “The Flying Springbok” Eden. “The Pitbull’s” career in the fighting industry spans over 25 years. He was the EFC Heavyweight Champion with a record of 16 wins 8 loses and has been undefeated in the boxing ring to date.

“The Flying Springbok’s”, passion and involvement in wrestling started at the age of 5. He now holds a title of a 12 time Amateur Wrestling Springbok Champion with him also ranking number 2 in Africa, in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Eden is the most decorated amateur wrestler to ever turn pro.

“This match could be compared as South Africa’s own Conner vs Mayweather fight.” says Steve Eden. Danie van Heerden and Steve Eden will battle it out in a Best of Three Matches bout with their pride on the line.

HWA wrestlers will be entertaining the fans with high flying moves that will have the fans cheering for more and more. Amongst the leading South African wrestlers that will entertain the Rand Show crowds are Mr Money (Current World Champion), Hector Payne (World Champion), The Cyclone (South African Champion), The Ripper, The Harlequinn, The Bandit, Azazel, Dr Who, Eric the Referee, Monroe Lee, Mr Paul, X-Cyro, Dirty Angel 2 and El Matador.

HWA is the incubator of South African wrestling supporting local wrestlers and building future legends. The Honours Wrestling Association matches will be taking place in Sports Expo, Hall 5, for the duration of the Rand Show.

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