The SANDF Arena Programme

The SANDF Arena Programme will take place at the Main Arena, at 15:00 each day* during the Easter weekend only (Friday 30 March – Monday 2 April 2018).

The pride of the SANDF’s drill teams will be on display for the Arena Programme, which includes drills and demonstrations by the South African Army, South African Navy and Military Police, as well as the 44 Parachute Regiment (the South African Army’s chief airborne infantry unit) and the SA Army Specialist Infantry Capability (SAASIC) – who will be incorporating their canine, equestrian and motorbike training into the drills.

The action-packed line-up includes the following:

–              Pace Stick Drill / Artillery Drill Squad

–              Bridge Laying Demonstration (SA Army)

–              SAASIC Mock Attach (SA Army)

–              Officers Sword Drill / NCOs Precision Drill (SA Navy)

–              Gun Run (SA Navy)

–              Military Police Demo

–              Free Fall (SA Army & SA Air Force)

–              Air Display (SA Air Force)

*Please note that, for important safety reasons, the SANDF programme could change based on weather conditions or SANDF’s operational requirements.

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