Who Let The Beasts Out?

It is a “who let the Animal Kingdom out” situation this Easter holidays at the Rand Show with various animal shows and animal interactions happening yet again. The show will take a plunge as of the 30th of March.

Parents have an opportunity bring their children to come participate through interactive learning with Bekker Schools Animal Farmyard, Brian Vorster’s Free Flight Bird Show and Snakebite Jones Slither Show.

Bekker Schools Animal Farm Yard involve children to learn more about farm animals and have an opportunity to feed sheep, goats, and chickens as a form of educational fun. Those who adore rabbits will totally fall in love that they would want to take some home with, for some more petting.

The bird expert Brian Vorster will bring along a height of excitement with a flock of his friends on a Flight Bird Show. This is an activity for the young and old to pet, feed and to keep entertained in a display of marvellous nature’s creations of birds at the Rand Show.

With a treat of two Slither Shows daily. Get to learn about Puff Adders, pythons, monitor lizards and more at the Rand Show. Children are enabled an opportunity to ask Bite Jones about myths and old folk stories about the reptiles.

This segment of the show will surely bring, tears of joy through laughter and tears of courage because of fright, but don’t despair it will be a day to remember and cherish in an animal lover’s heart and bring out the inner spirit animal in you.

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